Pastor Phillip Miles: Still In Prison!


Latest update on Miles. Looks like it is still many days from being over. This is starting to look bad for Pastor Miles. I think pretrial was too quick myself.
Friday, March 14, 2008

With respect to Phillip’s legal case, we have been informed that the pre-trial investigation process has been completed. This is encouraging news because this process frequently lasts many months. The prosecutor now has the case and will determine a trial date. The prosecutor has the authority to try Pastor Phillip on both the smuggling and trafficking charges. We hope to hear that the trial will take place within a few weeks, although there is currently no date set. Pastor Phillip’s attorney will argue that any violation of Russian laws was done unintentionally and with no desire to cause any harm or danger to anyone in Russia. The testimony and evidence support this position. We trust that the prosecutor and the judge will agree with the evidence and Pastor Phillip will be released at the conclusion of his trial. Please continue to pray that the judge will show understanding and mercy on Pastor Phillip.

On a personal note, Pastor Phillip is continuing to develop close relationships with his cell mates and has faith that he will be able to return home soon. Two embassy officials visited Phillip this week and reported that he looked well. They were able to take the first package of letters and cards to him sent from the church, and he enjoyed reading every one of them. They had a wonderful conversation with him, even discussing the recent UNC/Duke basketball game. He decided to overlook the fact that one of the embassy visitors graduated from Duke! His third hand-written letter to Lynn seemed to indicate that he will have plenty of stories to share when he comes home. He sent his love and appreciation to the staff and congregation of CCC.
We will see….


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