Piracy the new hot thing. Very much the late-capitalist style here!

Too much Hollywood?
Ukraine, not wanting to be left out of the loop in the latest trend of seizing tankers on the oceans of the world, has seized a Russian tanker, basically on hearsay…

Earlier, the Russian agency Interfax, citing an unnamed source, said there were about 15 sailors onboard the ship, all believed to be Russian citizens. Ukrainian prosecutors said about 10 crew members had been questioned.

Source: Ukraine seizes Russian tanker in Danube port city of Izmail | World news | The Guardian

Now this is going to be good for relations between Russia and Ukraine…

This incident triggered a thought in me…

Lately it seems that state run piracy is the latest capitalistic trend…

Iran tankers, British tankers, Russian tankers, tanker this and tanker that. Makes good distraction for the masses. Kinda like racism, sex crimes and many other sins of humans. Exploit stuff and keep people looking the other way and or try to start a war at the same time…

I guess can’t fight them, lets join them?

Piracy the new hot thing. Very much the late-capitalist style here!


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