Positive ID on the Second Female Moscow Bomber!

The first female was positively ID several days ago. (Moscow metro suicide bomber identified!) Now they have positive ID on the second girl.

The suicide bomber responsible for the terrorist attack at Lubyanka metro station has been identified as Mariam Sharipova, the federal anti-terrorism committee reported on Tuesday. <----->

Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported on Monday that Sharipova’s father informed authorities in Dagestan that he recognized one of the attackers in photos distributed on the internet as his daughter.

“My wife and I recognized our daughter immediately,” the father said, adding that he and his wife had not known where their daughter was for several days.

“Last time my wife saw our daughter, she was wearing the same red headscarf as in the photo.”

According to the paper, Mariam was born in 1982 in Balakhan, a villiage in the Untsukul region of Dagestan. She studied math and psychology and graduated with distinction in 2005, before returning to Balakhan to teach computer science at the local school.

“She was devout, but she never expressed any radical opinions. She always lived at home; we always knew what she was up to,” Sharipova’s father said.

What a rough way to find out what your daughter did…

She leaves behind parents that had no idea she was married and do not understand why she did what she did…

Windows to Russia!