Prime Minister Putin – Surprises the Producers, Retailers and Legislators!

Russia’s Prime Minister interrupted his Cabinet meeting this Wednesday to make an unexpected jaunt to one of Moscow’s local supermarkets. Putin got the urge to check on prices for certain types of grocery items during the meeting.

Now, when Putin says go they “Go!” (Watch video below.)

After causing allot of Russian’s to go “Huh – what is Putin up too!” They returning to the White House where they had started their meeting and then Putin laid his thoughts on the table.

Putin Said: “The economic slowdown has slashed people’s incomes. At the same time, we see that prices, and especially food prices do not go down, and in some food categories even go up. That’s social injustice, and we can’t allow it to happen.” (Link)

So Putin challenged the producers, retailers and legislators, to make a joint effort to control food prices or maybe things will have to change…

Windows to Russia!
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