Windows to Russia: Goodbye Michael Jackson!

Took me a long time to post this because I had to come to grips with the news of what happened!

A strange and sometimes twisted life comes to an end! At the young age of 50: Michael Jackson,
the King of Pop Music has died!

May he finally rest in peace now….

I remember this song in the video that the Jackson Five did and was shocked because Michael was my age. You could see then that he was in a class of his own, above his family. I say that the time of crucifying Jackson should have ended many many moons ago.

Michael Jackson was the substance of my generation, he was the extreme ends of the scale that outlined that generation. In Michael Jackson you will find the make up of my generation, that never found the middle ground and stability that it provides….. Kyle

Goodbye Michael Jackson may you end up in your Neverland!

Windows to Russia!
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