Putin Hits it on the Nail Head as Russia Opens New Pipeline!

Putin attributed the lack of progress to U.S. influence over the world.

Putin said at the new gas pipe line opening at South Ossetia “What is happening now … attests to one thing: Not many members of the international community use their sovereignty in the full sense of the word,”. He also said, “All of them, being under pressure from one superpower, the United States, are executing its political will without comprehending — and not wishing to comprehend — the gist of events.”

The fact is: Putin is right and he went on to say, “I am sure that the situation will gradually change because no one wants to be a vassal,” Putin also elaborated and said. Cold War-era thinking in terms of blocs will gradually dissolve in the reality of modern times.”

The one thing that I like about Putin is that he says what he thinks and what he thinks is very correct. Putin is what I call a straight shooter…

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