Why is Russia Buying Unmanned Drones?

The Dozor-600 is the first Russian unmanned long-range aerial vehicle capable not only of sending back images, but also of carrying weapons.

I am going to add a correction after Peter has given me more information. I did not research this with much detail and went by what Russia Today has been expressing on this subject. I now realize that Russian has an assortment of unmanned drones and I truly did not know that. In my eyes the fact that Russia has been talking and stewing over Israel unmanned drones was because they did not have any of their own to use. Or the ones they had were such poor quality that they were useless. It seemed to me that the war with Georgia a year ago was the first time I heard that Russian needed to buy unmanned drones from Israel…

After reading what Peter has given me for information he is totally correct and Russia has a large selection of unmanned drones in which they have used and build.

So thanks to Peter for correcting me on my information.

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