Putin warns of potential 2nd wave of Covid-19 infections in the fall

Right now, most of the world seems to think the worst of the coronavirus epidemic has passed, with many countries beginning to come out of lockdown. But Russian President Vladimir Putin believes there may be more pain ahead.According to Putin, the virus may once again begin to spread widely from October to November. During a meeting to discuss the epidemiological situation in Russia, he said the country needs to be ready for a second wave later in the year.Putin added that the removal of the present restrictions in Russia must be guided by science. However, he also asked officials to prepare recommendations for dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, especially the economic repercussions.

Source: Putin warns of potential 2nd wave of Covid-19 infections in the fall, tells Russian Health Ministry to prepare — RT Russia News

I agree with him…

It will be back, King Corona is not done!


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