Putin will get “one of the three” Russian vaccines?

The Kremlin representative underlined that Putin would get “one of the three” Russian vaccines. “We will specifically not say which one. All three Russian vaccines are absolutely reliable, they are very good, safe and effective,” he explained. “We deliberately don’t say which particular vaccine will be administered to the president, stressing that all three Russian shots are perfectly reliable and effective,” Peskov reiterated.

He also explained why Putin will not get vaccinated publicly. “As for the vaccination under cameras, he [Putin] doesn’t like it,” the spokesman pointed out.

Source: Putin to get coronavirus vaccine shot by end of day, Kremlin says – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

At first I said, “Why not tell all?”

I dunno? Maybe not to show favoritism? Maybe? Maybe not? I realize sorta why, yet, I wanna know which one he gets and why! “CoviVac” is still not available, yet I am sure that Putin could get it and it is suppose to be the best yet?

I guess I am a pain in the ass?


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