Putin’s All-Russian People’s Front has a new Website…

The All-Russian People’s Front, established by Vladimir Putin as a public support structure around his United Russia party, now has a website…

The website is here: 

I found this interesting:

Declaration on Education All-Russian Popular Front…

We, representatives of public associations:

– Acting in the interests of Russia and its multi-ethnic people;

– Respecting human rights, the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation;

– Wishing to promote genuine democracy, genuine participation of all concerned citizens in deciding the fate of their country;

– Supporting the initiative of our leader Vladimir Putin and implementing the policy of President of Russia

announce the formation of the All-Russia Popular Front as a broad coalition of social forces created to develop and implement long-term development of our society.


– Building strong, democratic, sovereign, Russia:

• a market economy based on the principles of freedom and support of entrepreneurship, competition, social partnership, the liability of employers and protection for workers’ rights.

• society of free and successful people, built on the values ​​of equality between women and men, respect and solidarity and citizens from different religions, nationalities, generations and professional activities.

Our country needs a dynamic development through renovation and modernization of all aspects of life, confident movement to achieve the “Strategy 2020”.

Based on the above, we have agreed to jointly take part in elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in accordance with the law and by common agreement to form a general federal list of candidates from the party “United Russia”.

Our candidates go to the polls to the overall program, we have prepared on the basis of the broad discussion in all public institutions, included in the All-Russia People’s Front.

We want to see the creators of this popular program, and hence the course, which will run the country, to millions of our fellow citizens. The task of the All-Russia Popular Front – to open the door to new ideas, engage civil society (youth, women, veterans organizations, businesses, trade unions and associations), all concerned people to address critical issues of development, to make a professional, creative potential of citizens, their social initiative were in demand.

Everyone who loves Russia respects its history, ready to work and build up in her name today and a great future, we urge to join the All-Russia People’s Front.

We believe in our victory, the victory of Russia!

Looks like Putin is running for president again! Hummm…

Windows to Russia!