Rain in Moscow – Russia…

Svet and I had a good weekend and stayed away from posting any articles. At least very many articles. 🙂

We went and got two tires for our Volga and we need to have them put on this week. We picked up Russian made tires and got a pretty good deal on them. We have elected to go with a very heavy tire that has one nylon belt, two polyester belts and three steel belts. This assures better protection against the famous Russian roads, also since we travel to the village a lot which is located literally on a goat trail, (that we have to crawl through mud and deep ruts), we elected to get an aggressive tread that has some deep biting lugs…

But now after a fairly sunny weekend we are dealing with rain, rain and more rain. Our weekend was extra long this week. Day of Russia was celebrated this weekend. Some seem to call it Independence day in Russia but as Svet says: What were we independent from?

That is a good question and I have found out that no where in official documents do they attribute independence day with Russia day. But I do not care because any holiday is good to me anymore. So the more the better… 🙂

So Svet and I just took it easy for a few days and I tried to ignore all the stupidity that we call news in the world. 😉

Windows to Russia!