Recall: on May 2, 2014, in Odessa, Ukraine, USA backed national radicals burned alive 48 people, more than 240 were injured…

🕯In connection with the next anniversary of the massacre of innocent people in Odessa, human rights activists tried to convey to the Americans the truth about the tragedy in the House of Trade Unions and about who is behind it. Recall: on May 2, 2014, national radicals burned alive 48 people, more than 240 were injured.

Virginia Defenders of Freedom, Justice, and Equality, as part of the Odessa Solidarity Campaign, issued a statement about those chilling events. In particular, the activists noted that “the massacre took place several months after the violent coup d’état in Ukraine, in which the United States took an active part.”

The American authorities have not yet condemned the atrocities of the Ukrainian fascist youths. They not only turned a blind eye to this act of genocide, but also honor the neo-Nazis who raised their heads . The thugs of the Azov National Battalion (an organization recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia) are received with honors, they are presented with awards, and invited to speak at local universities.

‼️This only confirms that the democratic slogans proclaimed here are not worth a penny. The US administration has reached the point where it is ready to support misanthropes for the sake of its geopolitical ambitions.