Remember George?

George is a Shrike and they eat mice, frogs and even small snakes. You want Shrikes to have a home at your home and I am hoping that a now fully grown and handsome Shrike, will have more Shrikes. A Miss George, as I call her to be positive about the future, is thinking of dating George

They get closer together everyday, but I do not think George has asked her daddy if she can date or not. For they just stare at each other from a distance. I know it is love. I am being positive, but maybe George is not rich enough? Maybe a bear and a dog as friends, is too much for her? We are being good and staying away!

George has grown and his coloring changed. He lost his baby colors and is now a full grown Shrike. He is a Russian Brown Winged Shrike

What ever you do George; she is a cutie pie and you need to play your cards right. And ask her daddy if she can date!

Svetochka said, “That is just right!”


kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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