Republic of Nauru Acknowledges Abkhazia!

Republic of Nauru has recognized Abkhazia as a independent country! (That makes Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela and Republic of Nauru.)

The Republic of Nauru and formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an island nation in Micronesia in the South Pacific. Its nearest neighbor is Banaba Island in Kiribati, 300 km to the east. Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation, covering just 21 square kilometres (8.1 square miles).

Now that might not seem like a big deal but really it is! The slow process of Abkhazia’s independence is still moving forward.

I wonder how many Nauru’s would fit in Abkhazia? 🙂

Windows to Russia!
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PS: Bet you did not know about this tiny little Republic and of course Georgia says that Russia bought them off! Nauru also says that they will acknowledge South Ossetia!