Republic of Nauru Acknowledges South Ossetia!

Well we have to continue with this story because it involves a little tiny country – The Republic of Nauru!

Nauru just recognized South Ossetia, a day after recognizing Abkhazia. This was expected because of statements made by Nauru on Tuesday. The little country followed through on their words and have made a bigger spot in history these last few days.

These announcements has been slammed by Georgia. Georgia is in a real tissy over this and have tried to pull all the strings they can to discredit Nauru. Georgia has been trying to declare that Russia has bought Nauru off. (When I hear that kind of stuff, I laugh because I am American and America buys off everyone and Georgia is in the top 10!)

Georgia needs to learn that South Ossetia and Abkhazia are gone and will never be back. Georgia is also hearing the news that several more countries will be following Nauru’s recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia…

As South Osseitan President Eduard Kokoity is telling journalists: 10 more states will soon recognize his country’s sovereignty. That rumor is being backed up from other sources that I have in Russia! (We will see)

So far UN members Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru have done so.

Think that we will see more? (I do!)

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