What More Can be Said? Putin the Super Hero!

If you have been reading this blog for awhile then you know how much I love videos about Putin. One of my favorites is a video about Putin and “Who Wants to be President?

This video just posted above touches on all the rumors, facts and fallacies that surround Putin.

“Vova”, commonly known as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, is a superhero according to Ukrainian band Dress Code, who have released a song devoted to the merits of the James Bond-defying, child-saving, universally adored Russian. Banned in Ukraine, the video is causing quite a stir. (Read More)

Thanks to Blackseabrew for putting a copy of this video on Facebook (He beat me to posting this particular video!) and I hope that all of you enjoy watching, Putin (Vova) the Super Hero!

Windows to Russia!
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