America has not Changed but I Have!

The realization that main stream media has hoodwinked the American society has sunk into my head over the last few years as being not just a know commodity but a fact! I watch a video like this one that Russia Today has just aired and then I sit and ponder what has become of the America that I knew?

I then, while drinking my cup of coffee realize that America has not changed but I have!

So when I see a man like Bernanke the chairman of the US Federal Reserve and then I see a man like Jorge Munoz who is a school bus driver by day, but by night, Munoz cares for his community and his own personal home has become a kitchen for food prepared non-stop for hungry strangers.

The Munoz’s of the world are the “Real Persons of the Year” and we all know a Munoz somewhere…

I now know that Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award is the biggest farce on earth next to the Nobel Peace Prize that was just given to Obama.

Windows to Russia!
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“When you hand a meal to somebody who didn’t eat in the last eighteen hours and you see their smile, you see God right there,” Munoz says.

“Two years ago, it was sixty guys. Now, some nights I’ve got 150-155 people. I’ve seen people of 18 different nationalities lining up to eat,” Munoz says.