Russia: 5 liters of Beer!

In Russia, (just like in most of the world) they drink lots of beer. Well for the really thirsty beer drinker they have a super sized beer bottle…..
These are 5 liter beers. Now 5 liters is 1.32 gallons for us Americans. That is a lot of beer to satisfy even the most hardened beer drinker! So you understand the size, the clear bottle next to the two 5 liter bottles is a 2 liter bottle. Just like your Coke and Pepsi come in.

How do you handle a thirsty Man? Super sized beer bottles…..

Kyle & Svet

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PS: Russian beer comes at 8 – 10 percent alcohol levels. Did you know that Russians do not consider beer alcohol? Beer is considered a soft drink. 🙂

another reason to like Russia…..