Russia: Always Attacked by the World Organizations!


Once again Russia is on the bad list of another organization that tells the world who is good and who is bad. (Freedom of Association Under Threat report)

Right defenders from Freedom House have released a special report – Freedom of Association Under Threat – that is dedicated to the right and freedom condition in 12 states of the world. Together with Iran, Zimbabwe, Algeria, China, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Columbia, Russia is in the list of nations where the associational rights are particularly threatened. (Link)

But we see no reason to believe what the Freedom House says until they start telling the truth about all countries! Seems that the Freedom House group is controlled by the Western world and until it gets the Western politics out of its pockets then its reports hold no water. (Freedom House, being 80% funded from the USA budget)

We see that the USA should be in those same countries as Russia…..

Kyle & Svet

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