Russia and America: Weekend of Rallies!

What does Russia and America have in common this weekend?

In Russia the law says if you want to rally you have it sanctioned. So this weekend we had lots of sanctioned rallies all over the country and they went fine, with no problems. But then we have to have the not so intelligent ones, that hold a rally without getting the sanction…
In Russia: Some 70 protesters were detained on Triumfalnaya Square in central Moscow for taking part in an opposition rally that has not been sanctioned by authorities on the so-called “Day of Wrath”, a local police spokesman said on Saturday.
Two rallies took place in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city. Police said they gathered some 750 protesters.
About 150 protesters rallied in Kazan, the capital of the Volga Republic of Tatarstan.
The rally in Russia’s Far East city of Vladivostok, drew some 1,500 people, according to organizers, but the police put the figure at 300.
I just love how in Russia the unsanctioned rallies get the front page and then the world can say how terrible the Russians are. Out of all the rallies only one was not sanctioned and that was the one that everyone got arrested at.

In America: The US will bear witness to a whole weekend of protests in Washington DC, where activists are rallying against the war in Iraq and for change in the US immigration system.

So it looks like a fun weekend whether you live in Russia or America…
Windows to Russia!
PS: I just read that the “Day of Wrath” rally in Russia was started in 2008 and it will be a yearly thing. So ignore the press when they tell you how important this is and they all hate Putin. This is the third year to hate Putin, so this is old news…