Russia’s Pantsir-S1 (NATO reporting name SA-22 Greyhound)

This video is about a defense system that Russia has put into effect: Pantsir-S1 (NATO reporting name SA-22 Greyhound) is a combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system produced by KBP of Tula, Russia mounted either on a tracked or wheeled vehicle or stationary. (Link)

This is one butt kicking automated weapon system that looks to be a move toward the future in weapons. It combines several systems together and is automatic. Seems that it can detect a target up to 36km away and only 4 to 6 seconds and a missile can be fired, this is while the truck is moving. There is no need to stop to use the missile system. I think that the gun system has to be stabilized to use and it has 4 automatic hydraulic stabilizer mounted on the truck to ensure stability during the anti-aircraft gun usage. (Called auto-cannon gun)

Just way too cool…
Windows to Russia!