Russia and USA say, “I Spy is Over”…

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I spy has been settled between Russia and America, in a fashion that leaves all the asked questions unanswered and all the future questions will never be answered, according to the way the deal was handled. It was a 4 for 10 swap…

Russia and the U.S. have concluded the spy scandal. Both the Russian Foreign Ministry and the U.S. Department of State have officially confirmed recent media announcements about an agreement on a ‘spy exchange.’ According to the agreement, 10 alleged special agents for Russia who had to plead guilty or go to jail in the U.S. will be swapped for four people officially convicted for spying for Western countries. (Can we say coercion?)

The main conditions of the swap deal was for the 10 special agents for Russia to plead guilty. (Other words admit we are a bad people…)

President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree pardoning the four jailed  convicts based also on their petitions for pardon, in which they also confess their crimes and signed statements of oath also.  All 4 of the pardoned by Medvedev have already served lengthy prison sentences – between 5 and 11 years.  (Now we know why Medvedev has been quiet…)

The members of the alleged spy team have all signed statements of oath with their quilt pleas that expressively forbid them from talking to the press about said dealings over this case.

Can anyone understand that this was a total manipulation of the judicial and governmental systems from day one, plus that ulterior motives ruled in this aspect? Does anyone realize that this was a warning shot to wake up certain governmental officials in the USA.

Windows to Russia!

PS: Does anyone realize that they really are not spies? They could not even be charged with espionage…

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