Russia: BBC Sent Wrong Boy To Volga!


Sometimes I see things that are very wrong & I have found something that BBC is doing that falls into this category!

BBC has sent a reporter into Russia to make a road trip. This trip is to find out about the things that are wrong with Russia…. (below a quote from Rupert Wingfield-Hayes)
“However, the trip was never supposed to be a pleasure cruise. We set out to try and look at some of the major problems confronting Russia, and that may be why I came across as sounding rather negative. It is, I suppose, in the nature of journalists to look for the dark underbelly.” said, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes
This trip started out with a reporter that basically lambasted Russia for her many faults & was incredibly negative about the trip through Russia! The reporters attitude was summed up in the quote above. Then as the complaints about the story, started pouring into BBC, the attitude of the reporter had a significant turnaround. The last story even had a question answer session, where the reporter tried to correct statements of negativity from earlier articles. This question & answer session was too late the damage has been done.

This is what I constantly struggle with: The media from Europe and America put Russia down every chance they get! The media wants the world to think Russia is a bad place……

I feel that this trip was started to degrade Russia, Britain has a problem with thinking that they are better than Russia!

I think that someone from Russia should do a road trip in England to: “set out to try and look at some of the major problems confronting Britain!” They could: look for the dark underbelly”

Kyle & Svet

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