Russia’s Channel One TV Interviews Russian President Dmintry Medvedev!

This video of an interview with Russian President Medvedev is really very good. The main brunt of this video is about Russian agriculture. Russia has not lost their agriculture base. Russia has a third of its population still involved in agriculture and that is a god send to Russia…

One thing that Medvedev makes a point to mention is Russian food has less chemicals than imported foods. I do not know how true that is myself, but Svet has taught me which are the best veggies and fruits in Russia to buy and they are home grown Russian version. She will not buy off season veggies and fruits because they are imported and not as healthy. Svet always says to me while I shop for veggies, “No! Not that one, that comes from Turkey.”or “No! Not that one that comes from Brazil. Here this is Russian.” 🙂

I do know, that I think that Russian veggies and fruits taste better and that is what makes me happy…

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