Russia: Christmas Eve and Walking the Dog!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I am drinking my morning cup of coffee and warming up after a 1 hour walk with the dog. It is -5 degrees here and the snow has stopped falling.

Boza and I earlier dropped Svet off at the Bus stop! Like I have said Russia does not have a 25th of December Christmas so all is normal here.

Boza and I decided to take pictures today of our walk. I kept the best pictures as Boza seems to want to pull on the leash as I take every picture. (It is like he knows the perfect time to pull the leash!)

This is our bus stop!

Windows to Russia!This is our favorite sidewalk! Boza does his business along this outer edge sidewalk.

Windows to Russia!While Boza does his business, I take a picture of the Bus station!

Windows to Russia!We can still see our building in the trees!

Windows to Russia!That ugly black oval is our flat on the 14th floor.

Windows to Russia!The weather is wonderful with the exception of never seeing the sun. (That is why the pictures are so blue) If you do see the sun it is so low on the horizon that it looks like it is setting even when it is middle of the day. We at least get light and if you go much father North you will find that they only get a few hours of light if any. The shortest day of the year has passed (21 Dec. 2008). Which means right now in Moscow the sunrises at 9 am and sets at 4 pm.

I am going to finish that cup of coffee and start another article! 🙂

Kyle & Svet

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