What Is Russia Up To This Wednesday December 24th, 2008?

Windows to Russia!
It seems that Russia is up to her usual antics:

Russia said on TV that with out a doubt the evidence points to Ukrainian, U.S., Turkish and Czech mercenaries, were involved in fighting in Georgia’s breakaway republic of South Ossetia in early August. (The next day the USA said: No Way!)

So while the US and Russia have a He said – I said issue:

Evander Holyfield is jumping up and down, crying and filing lawsuits about the big bully Russian Heavyweight Boxer Nikolai Valuev. It seems that Holyfield thinks he won the fight and the judges ripped him off. I hate to tell Holyfield this but I watched the fight and he did not win. Unless you win for running in circles around someone for 12 rounds. I would not say that Valuev won by much but the champion always gets the close calls not the challenger. So even if the fight was even Valuev wins!

So while Holyfield is filing lawsuits:

Siberian republic of Yakutia has tough cops and crooks! You would think that -50 degrees weather would put a curtailment on most activities including harvesting cannabis (pot). It seems that not even cold weather deters bad guys so despite minus 52 degrees Celsius [minus 62 degrees Fahrenheit] two men managed to harvest several bags of cannabis with a total weight of nearly three kg [6.6 lbs], from under the snow cover. While they were collecting their prize the local police were hanging out nearby waiting to arrest them.

While the Yakutia people are collecting awards for the toughest people on earth in a sub zero environment:

Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko is doing a Holyfield and crying about the big bad Russians. It seems that Yushchenko had a on-line session with the world and got lambasted. It seems that he had to pull the plug early after the questions hurt his feelings. Now he makes a press statement that Russia is mean and they ruined his on-line poll. I did not know that only Ukraine’s were allowed to play. 🙁

So while the Russians have hurts someone else’s feelings again:

The age old tradition of dog sledding lives on in Russia. A small group of enthusiasts is trying to revive the tradition of dog sledding in the ever-green forests of Siberia, where sometimes husky sledding is the best way to get around. The Khanty-Mansi autonomous region in Western Siberia provides ideal conditions for biathlon – cross-country skiing and shooting – and is the centre of the sport in Russia. (Link) A Siberian husky dog can withstand temperatures of -60C but it seems so can cops and robbers in Yakutia!

Last but not least Putin and Obama are being compared shirtless now. The hot news from Russia today is:


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