Russia: Computer to Every House Program!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking about the Russian computer program to get an affordable computer in every house hold in Russia.

The Computer to Every House Program is failing. Instead of 50,000 PCs being sold by summer of 2007, they sold no more than 1,500 PCs. So, the Ministry of IT and Communications has decided to make some changes.

When they implemented the program, they discovered that in the remote villages the people are rather unacknowledged about computers and have never heard of Microsoft. If they had heard of Microsoft, they had a fear of the Operating system due to past problems.

The Computer to Every House Program was initiated by Russia’s Ministry of IT & Communications. The original plan was to sell PCs to people with moderate revenues via more than 40,000 offices of Russia’s Mail Service. (Link to Site) All PCs were supplied with Microsoft software and Intel processors. The target was to sell about 50,000 PCs by the summer of 2007.

According the Ministry of IT and Communications. A second attempt at implementing the program will be launched in December of 2007. This time, Microsoft software will be replaced by Linux of a Russian development and the individuals will be able to get loans to purchase the PCs. The Ministry of IT and Communications is working with the biggest banks of the Russia to install loan programs.

This program is a wonderful opportunity for Russian people.


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