Russia Embraces Blockchain Democracy…

Russia may not be known as a defender of democracy, but the capital city of Moscow is using an ethereum-based voting platform to change that.

Source: Russia Is Leading the Push for Blockchain Democracy – CoinDesk

The ethereum-based platform, which allows anyone to audit the open-source results, has been downloaded by more than 100 node operators since its December launch.


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Active Citizen now uses blockchain

In early December 2017, the Active Citizen project began to use blockchain technology. Now the data is stored both in an internal database and several other independent ones.

Blockchain guarantees that data will never be lost or changed after it has been submitted to the system. Nothing that goes into blockchain can be amended or deleted. A copy of this data is preserved and updated by all members of the system.

To hack a blockchain system, it would be necessary to hack all blocks and copies of the database on all computers, which is rather difficult – any person or organization can become part of it.

The introduction of this technology will make voting more transparent and protect stored data.
Two million users and 88 million opinions

The Active Citizen project was launched at the initiative of the Moscow Government in 2014 as a platform for holding open online referendums. The project makes it possible to hold city-wide and local polls on a broad range of issues. The scheme is unique in the world in terms of the number of active users and the range of issues citizens can vote on. The Active Citizen project has won several prestigious awards, including Smart Cities Awards 2015.

At the moment, there are almost 2 million registered users; 2,700 votes have been held and 88 million opinions taken into account.

In order to make the project transparent, a number of tools were introduced to allow users to watch the voting process and control the validity of the results. In particular, each voter can check the correctness of their vote and monitor the results online.

On 11 December 2017, Active Citizen received the Russian national Prometheus internet award for its economic, technological and social contribution to the lives of the citizens.


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