Russia: Has Home Grown – Fast Food!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia and thinking about real Russian Fast Food! RIA has a video that answered my question and after doing a little checking around: I call them, The Pancake Place and The Potato House!

Believe me these places have 100 times better food then a McDonald’s and I would say much better for you.

The Potato House is what my name implies they have the equivalent in America and when I first came to Russia I really thought that this was an American chain of food. The Pancake Place was not like anything I ever found in America. Russians have a different idea of what a pancake is. (Link)

So when you think pancakes do not think International House of Pancakes. Not the same world believe me!

Check out the links to these businesses web sites (Link-Potato) (Link-Pancake) and you will find them very professional and family orientated. These men run a moral business and when people from the West say things like Russia Fast Food is a criminal business they laugh and tell you a much different story.

These businesses were started from the ground up and lots of hard work with family involvement.

Boy, those pancakes sure look good. maybe I can convince Svet to go to the mall and we can walk by the Pancake Place…

Kyle & Svet

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