Russia has Stood Firm With Iran and No More Sanctions!

For a few days all you heard was positive about Russia and Iran. The sweet sticky bull came from the Western press and it did nothing but make Russia and Iran realize the folly of America.

I then watched a Western press that slid into their old habits, they started to degrade Russia and Iran because Iran was not giving answers fast enough. I watched articles from Big Western Media change their tone. The fact that Iran hesitated on an answer became an issue that Iran was reneging on the deal and that there was a power struggle in Iran that could destroy the regime. I read articles that said Russia does not deserve any more favors from America like dropping the missile shield or lets reinstate the missile shied, because they did not help the USA with Iran more… (Like that was really a favor…)

Then a couple of days ago Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had warned Western powers that they will gain nothing by trying to push and intimidate Tehran, and Russian officials have refused to publicly back the United States in threatening tougher sanctions against Iran. 🙂

This caused a complete reversal in Western press attitude. At that point out came the same ol – same ol that earmarks the Big Western Media!

Then after the West showed their true colors, Iran answered the questions. Everything is and was cool! Iran will do it and Russia knew this…

Remember the Kremlin always plays chess – Washington DC always plays checkers!

Windows to Russia!
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