Russia: How Do You Know The Recession Is That Bad? (I got an e-mail)

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Today while drinking my cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia. I was checking my e-mail and deleting a slew of hate mail over yesterdays article. I forwarded several to the proper channels after they made very serious offers to induce bodily harm to my wife and I. It is strange how the hate and vile comes from the American side of the Internet and yesterday it came full force from Washington DC!

As I was going through the pile of e-mails I found one that caught my attention that was offering me something other than an early grave…

I received one of those letters that usually say that they (a banker) needs your help to get a huge sum of money out of an African bank. I have gotten these letters increasingly from all over the world and it is not just a African dominated field any more.

I collect these e-mails and have about 1200 of them non duplicated. If I had all the money they say I won or could get, I would be a billionaire. 🙂

But today the I got one that stopped me in my tracks and made me think…

from Mr.Richard .A. Kinees
date 10 April 2009 14:35
subject American Investment

Good Day Sir/Madam

I am Mr. Richard A. Kinees, I work with Union State Bank USB and I have an amount ($12,500,000.00 USD) that I will want you to assist me to transfer out of America for investment purpose in safe world banks.

Please if interested to know more send me an e-mail via (

so that I tell you more.

Mr.Richard .A. Kinees

So you ask what is the big deal? It is like all others.

No it is not – It is about an American bank and transferring money out of America. I have never received one until today, from America. (Not really though, the fr ending to his email is that France?)

This is a big sign to me that things have gone from the frying pan to the fire! It all started years ago with Nigerian Scams and getting unsuspecting Americans to help.

So America has joined the African Bank Scam List!

If you see what email that he sent it to, it is my that is my e-mail site in Russia. (Mail.Ru) So it seems that they now think that people in Russia and the world will help out American bankers who need to get money out of the country. 🙂

I guess the recession is that bad…

Kyle and Svet