Russia: Israel Is On The Brink Of a Strategic Strike at Iran!

Hey World: Israel is the one with the firepower…..


While drink my morning cup of coffee, I was thinking about Israel and how close they are to striking Iran. I have to say: “If Israel attacks Iran, World War III will loom on the horizon like a dark cloud!”

A couple of issues that Israel has with Iran:

1. Israel, itself an undeclared nuclear power, sees an atomic bomb in Iranian hands as a direct threat to its existence.

2. Israel believes Tehran will have enriched enough uranium for a nuclear bomb by next year or 2010 at the latest.

3. “Israel takes (Iranian President) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s statements regarding its destruction seriously. Israel cannot risk another Holocaust,” Mofaz said.

4. Israel has the perception that Washington now prefers diplomacy over confrontation with Tehran.

5. “If Israeli, U.S., or European intelligence gets proof that Iran has succeeded in developing nuclear weapons technology, then Israel will respond in a manner reflecting the existential threat posed by such a weapon,”

Why does the term “Winds of War” seem appropriate to this situation.

Kyle & Svet

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