Georgia Attacks South Ossetia! (Shelling a Village)

Having positioned themselves at captured mountain heights, Georgia’s military first shelled Sarabuk-village of Ossetia and the police checkpoint located nearby.

The attack demolished more than 20 percent of houses in Dmenis-village. There are victims but their number isn’t clear yet, South Ossetia’s authorities announced.

More than 20 percent of buildings have been demolished in Dmenis as a result of shooting. The residents have hidden in cellars, and it is impossible to estimate the losses even approximately. Officers have been ordered to adequately respond to Georgian fire,” South Ossetia’s Defense Ministry announced.

Satikar-village and outskirts of South Ossetia’s capital Tskhinvali are being shelled as well.

Armored vehicles, artillery, troops are nearing the region, the Defense Ministry said. The Georgians have amassed dozens of tanks and howitzer weapons in Tskhinvali direction.

Looks like Georgia wants war…. (Link)

Kyle & Svet

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