Russia: What is Happening on This Side of the World!

This is how the West looks at Russia and Iran!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thought to myself: “We want to travel but it looks like trouble is in the air!”

So, What do I mean by that? Lets look at….

Georgia Will Levy War on South Ossetia in Fall, Kokoity Said

Georgia plans to unleash large-scale military action in South Ossetia by September, South Ossetia’s President Eduard Kokoity announced Wednesday during the meeting with Britain’s ambassador to Georgia.

Russia to Respond to U.S. Missile Defense Shield in Europe via Belarus

Russia will probably station Iskander missile systems and strategic bombers in Belarus in response to deployment of the U.S. missile defense shield in the Czech Republic and in Poland, Interfax reported with reference to the RF Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov.

U.S. says further “punitive” steps against Iran needed The White House said on Wednesday it believed Western powers had to take further “punitive” measures against Iran because Tehran gave no concrete reply to their demand that it freeze its nuclear activities.

Russia says Georgian jets overflew rebel region Russia accused Georgia of sending warplanes into a Georgia’s separatist region of South Ossetia overnight, an allegation swiftly denied by Tbilisi.

Iran is “root of all evil”: Israel PM contender Israeli cabinet minister Shaul Mofaz, a contender to succeed the prime minister, denounced his native Iran on Wednesday as “the root of all evil” and said its nuclear program constituted a threat to world peace.

Kyrgyz police uncover US arms cache

Government forces in Kyrgyzstan have located an arsenal of American weapons in a house in the capital Bishkek. The discovery, at a residence occupied by US military forces, was made on Tuesday night, reports Russia’s RBK-Daily newspaper.

‘Georgian snipers are attacking us’ – Ossetian official

There are reports of gunfire in Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia. Officials from the separatist republic say Georgian troops have been using sniper and machine-gun fire to target a key road and two South Ossetian villages.

Georgia, Britain to hold joint military drills in September
Georgia and the U.K. will hold joint military training exercises in September at the Vaziani base near the Georgian capital Tbilisi, the South Caucasus country’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

Russia to Set Up Missile Defense Sites in Caucasus, Middle Asia

It is necessary to create in the near term united regional systems of missile defense in the Caucasus and Middle Asia, Russia’s Air Force Commander-in-Chief General-Colonel Alexander Zelin announced August 5.

So between you and I: Looks like the Fall Season maybe an interesting time of the year in this part of the world. Should be a good time to travel, need to go see Israel and Iran, before a war there blows everything up. We are glad that we recently traveled to the Georgia area just before all the issues started in Abkhazia and got to see that beautiful country: before it gets blown up!

I wonder if the world could wait until we get to travel to all the places we want to before they blow each other up?

Kyle & Svet

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