Russia: Just Walking The Dog!


I was walking the dog for the second time today. As the dog and I were walking we stopped and watched the grounds keepers. They were trying to fill the ice skating rink with water, by a fire hose!

Yes I said trying!!!!

Like everything in life, things always go wrong. The dog and I stood there watching the water get deeper and deeper, on the inside of the rink. Just as I was thinking to myself that they should let the water freeze first before they try to fill the whole rink. The doors on the rink blew open from the water pressure. (one side of the rink is at least 8 inches higher that the other)

Now Boza and I were on the end that the water came out of. We ran like crazy and got out of the way. The Ice Rink is now on the outside!

I took pictures from our flats balcony, To show you the new ice skating rink we have. The water on the outside is about a foot deep. It is frozen!!

The grounds keepers all said a few choice statements in Russian, waved their arms at each other, took their fire hose, said a few more pleasant things & stomped away! (They did not come back)

I am glad to see that life is the same everywhere. Something about Murphy’s Law……..

Murphy’s law: is an adage in Western culture that broadly states that things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance.


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