Russia: Killer Haircut!


Have a sad article to read, This is why you must be taught to never stop robberies and irate customers. Just call the cops. Your life is more precious!

Siberian hairdresser killed over price of haircut

20/03/2008 14:36 MOSCOW, 20 March (RIA Novosti) – A man in the southwest Siberian city of Omsk is due to stand trial after being accused of killing a hairdresser over the cost of a haircut, the local prosecutor’s office said on its website on Thursday.

In October last year, Vadim Tikhonov tried to leave a hairdressing saloon without paying for a haircut. The hairdresser tried to prevent him from doing so by standing in front of him.

In response, police say, Tikhonov grabbed a hammer and hit the hairdresser with it, after which he took a knife and stabbed her 12 times. The hairdresser later died in hospital.

Police later established that Tikhonov had left the hairdressing saloon without paying as he felt the price of the haircut – 100 rubles or $4 – was “too high.”

Tikhonov later admitted his guilt to police during questioning.
I had a server in America put into the hospital for 2 weeks because she got mad at a customer for not leaving a tip & he beat her up in the parking lot after she got off work. (She almost died from ruptured spleen and other internal injuries)


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