Russia: Kremlin Pulling Russians Out of the Gaza!

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While drinking that second cup of coffee and thinking about countries fighting each other. I felt we had to look at Israel and the Gaza.

Since the launch of massive air strikes on Gaza by Israel in response to rocket and mortar fire by Hamas militants, more than 270 Palestinians are reported to have been killed and 500 wounded. It also looks like Israel is going to increase its Huge air campaign against the Gaza.

So Russia has decided to try to pull the Russian Nationals out of the Gaza. The conditions are very drastic and deadly. Most Russian nationals in the Gaza Strip are Russian women with their children, married to Palestinians. Russia is gathering a list, then Russia will do all it can to extract the people and families to safety. Russia is also pulling their Diplomat people out as soon as they can.

Seems that Israel is planning much more massive strikes and Russia is trying to get Israel to let Russia have enough time to remove Russian people.

So while Pakistan and India are getting ready to blow themselves up by New Years!

Israel is blowing up the Gaza before new Years. Of course it is OK for Israel to use a “disproportionate response” to rocket and mortar fire by Hamas militants, but then war is about winning not who you kill!

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PS: (Update) The Israeli defense Ministry has called up thousands of reserve forces to increase troop numbers for a ground offensive in Gaza. Israeli air strikes against Hamas targets in the territory are continuing for the second day. The death toll among Palestinians has reached almost 300 with more than 700 injured – most are civilians.

Israel says the offensive is at an early stage and will continue for some length of time. Senior military officials say the Gaza air strikes and future ground war is in response to recent mortar attacks on southern Israel carried out by Hamas militants.

Russia is afraid that Israel is not going to let Russia get Russians out of the Gaza…..

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