Russia: Lets Barter for Stuff!

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The issues of trading weapons for food (barter) was discussed with Russia last Wednesday. Guatemala officials have expressed that the Central American country is interested in working out a new trade deal.

(barter: to trade by exchanging one commodity for another)

“Guatemala is interested in acquiring aircraft, armored vehicles, and other armaments to fight organized crime. We could pay, as the Russian side suggests, with sugar and coffee for the arms deliveries.” (Link)

The Guatemala government it seems, has been instructed to study the Russian side’s proposals and draft the necessary recommendations.

It seems that Guatemala’s Ground Forces, Air Force and Navy were in need of arms deliveries. They have a huge issue with not enough equipment but a very large surplus of sugar and coffee.

Now that is a barter that I see possibilities with. I sure do not want to run out of coffee in Russia.

It seems that countries may have to start doing this sort of trading again to survive the financial crises. All through history goods have been used as money. Salt, spices, coffee, sugar and tobacco are to name a few.

Just keep my coffee in stock and I will be happy…

Kyle & Svet

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