Russia: Lets Step Back in Time – Volga GAZ Model 21 and 24!


Today I found a couple of videos that I thought were pretty cool. The first one is a step back in time. Lets go for a short ride from the back seat of a Volga GAZ Model 21!

Now lets take a short slide show and have a good picture look at the Volga Gaz Model 21 and then watch it become the next generation Volga GAZ Model 24, then on up the scale to the modern Volga!

As you know I think that the older Volga cars are some of the best cars ever made. My interest has been stirred again because we have a reader (Mark) who loves the Volga GAZ Model 21.

I am getting ready to paint our Volga and will get pictures taken as I proceed. We call our Volga – Nelly – and she is one tough car.

Our Volga 2410 – Nelly!

That is all today and I hope that you enjoyed the videos. Even though I think on the second one the music would have been better with the real Russian version and not the English version…

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