Russia: Lets Talk About Africa and the Global Economy!


Every once in a while I venture from the beaten path of Russia! Though really not very far in this case. Africa is not really that far away from Russia. When you live in America it seems to be a long ways off, but it dawned on me the other day that when we were in Israel that we where very close to Africa.

I was asked to give a look at this information and I did. I then decided to post it because Russia and China have been making inroads into Africa because they see the potential that lies in wait.

America needs to get on the band wagon:

The Conversation Behind Closed Doors is a two-part, qualitative survey conducted by Baird’s CMC in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Part one, The Corporate Conversation, is an inside-the-boardroom survey of attitudes toward corporate investment in Africa among leading U.S. corporations. The information was gathered during a series of behind closed door interviews. All interviews took place from January to November 2008 and were conducted in person by senior associates of Baird’s CMC. This document presents the findings of part one.

Part two, The Public Sector Conversation, will be conducted over the next several months. It is is an inside-the-government survey of the responses set forth in part one. (Link)

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This is a not an advertisement for any particular organization. It is simply a promotion of an interesting subject by me.

I see the investment into Africa as a positive application that will help the whole world. Africa is part of the global economy albeit a small part but still a part. If developed properly and with care it could become a vital part of the global economy…

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