Russia Looks Toward China and not the USA for the Future!

Two major things happened in Russia the last few days.

1. Putin went to China for major talks.
2. Hillary Clinton came to Russia to try to get a Iran sanction scheme going.

So what happened? Glad you asked!

1. Putin walked away with a much stronger tie with China and energy deals worth billions that extend far into the future. China will be securing 20% of her energy from Russia in the future.
2. Then Hillary ran into a brick wall and the USA had to eat crow, over all the Iran sanction talk from American press and government sources.

You need to understand that the future is in Asia not America…

Windows to Russia!
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PS: Then to top it off: It seems that the US delegation that came with Hillary Clinton spent all night partying at Russian bars. The next morning they were not a very sharp looking group of delegates. The word on TV was: “The USA officials did not look very well early in the morning when they had to work.” This of course comes from the fact that the delegates were seen buying beer at local kiosks and then they went bar hopping… (Oops)