Russia: May 1st, The Day Of Spring & Labor!

Originally posted 2008-04-30 17:01:00.

Russia has another Holiday. 🙂

The Day of Spring and Labor / Праздник Весны и Труда (day off)
May 1, 2008
Formerly International Worker’s Solidarity Day under the old Communist system, it seems that everyone calls this one something different now. “Labor Day,” “The May Holiday,” and “Worker’s Day” all seem to be used, but everyone at least uses the same date. It is celebrated with parades, concerts, food, and drink and traditionally kicks off the dacha season. The holiday will be officially observed from the first to the third of May, with official days off. The fourth of May will be a work day. This year the fourth of May falls on a Sunday.

Grumble! Grumble!

Svet & Kyle

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