Russia: Medvedev and BBC – Interview as we lead into the G20 Meeting! (3-29-09)

Windows to Russia!
Take your cup of coffee this wonderful Sunday and sit awhile and listen to what Medvedev from Russia has to say about issues and problems in a good interview with the BBC.

I really think that you will find Medvedev an interesting person and he has some very good ideas on what is wrong with the world and what can be done to solve some issues in the world. Medvedev explains many issues that Russia has dealt with and what Russia still has left to do.

As the leaders of the G20 meet to try to hash out some answers to the global issues we are going to see some interesting problematics come about as the G20 try to work together.

A good cup of coffee (or two) will just about finish this video.

Have a nice day.

Windows to Russia!
Kyle & Svet

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