Russia Asks Can We Just Have One Week With Out the World Trying To Start a War? (NO)

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I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and reading about why Russia has stepped into the issue of the North Korea Rocket launch.

Russia is watching Japan go off the deep end over this rocket launch. Japan has passed legislation that allows the military to shoot down the North Korea Rocket. Japan has put anti-missile missiles as close to North Korea as they legally can. Japan is threatening at every hiccup that comes from the Korean end of the world. Then lets put some icing on the cake and add the USA to this mess. America has put several destroyers into the Sea of Japan to threaten, shoot down and intimidate North Korea. America has put the 30,000 American troops on alert and ready for anything in South Korea. South Korea has been jumping up and down and begging the USA and Japan to stop the North Korea rocket launch.

Meanwhile, the tension over the North Korean missile is mounting. Japan’s Security Council, on Friday, gave the defense minister the green light to destroy the rocket if it would threaten to fall on Japanese territory. Tokyo had Patriot missile units and Aegis destroyer vessels, equipped with interceptor missiles, ready to shoot down the Korean rocket. (Link)

So Russia has asked North Korea to think about defusing this situation because Russia knows that you won’t get the USA and Japan to shut up and mind their own business. Russia also knows North Korea pretty well and when North Korea says:

Pyongyang warned that any attempt to intercept their ‘peaceful satellite launch’ would lead to a war.

They mean it. North Korea has reached a point of no return with the USA bull.

So Russia has asked in a polite way to all involved:

“We should not raise passions over this issue. We should evaluate it all calmly, without rush or threats,” stated Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Borodavkin.

He said: “Russia understands that the situation in North-Eastern Asia is tense now, so we believe it would be better for our partners in the PDRK to refrain from this launch.”

Do you think anyone will listen???

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