Russia: More On The Litvinenko Case!

Germany Handed Over Litvinenko Files to Russia

Germany has handed over to Russia the files related to assassination of FSB ex-officer Alexander Litvinenko and attempted murder of Dmitry Kovtun, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Vladimir Markin, the official representative of Investigating Committee of the RF General Prosecutor Office. The files were provided in July, during the visit of investigators’ delegation to Germany.

“Manifesting readiness for cooperation with Russia’s colleagues and in execution of Russia’s request, Germany’s competent authorities have handed over to Russia’s delegation a portion of files of the criminal case that is of interest for probing into the murder of Litvinenko,” Markin said.

FSB ex-officer Litvinenko fled to Britain in 2000 and was granted political asylum there. He was poisoned by radioactive polonium-210 and died in London in November of 2006. So far, British authorities have released neither the official conclusion on the cause of his death nor the results of postmortem examination.

British detectives blame the murder on Russia’s businessman and State Duma member Andrei Lugovoy and London demands his extradition, to no avail though. Similar to Litvinenko, Lugovoy had once been the officer of FSB.

Russia’s investigators first requested the files related to Litvinenko case far back December 27, 2006, but no response followed. So, the detectives went to Hamburg July 13, 2008 and were given the required files.
About time and Russia had to go get the files because no one would respond……

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