Russia: Moscow Has requested A Response To Accusations About Litvinenko Murder!


I have kept you abreast of this situation between Russia & Britain. So while I was drinking my morning cup of coffee, I was thinking about what Russia has requested….
Moscow is waiting for an official response from Britain regarding allegations that the Russian state was involved in the 2006 killing of former Russian security officer Aleksandr Litvinenko. The claims emerged on a BBC program on Monday. British Intelligence sources told journalists that the murder was carried out with the backing of the Russian state.

Russia’s ambassador to the U.K., Yury Fedotov, said Moscow wants the British government to either dismiss these allegations or confirm them. He also denied claims by the British press that nearly 30 representatives of the Russian Embassy in London are spies.

Aleksandr Litvinenko died of radioactive poisoning in London in November 2006, three weeks after suddenly falling ill. British investigators accused Russian agent-turned-businessman Andrey Lugovoy over the murder and demanded his extradition from Russia, sparking a major diplomatic row. (Link: Russiatoday)
I keep saying, Britain accuses but no evidence, So far they have not responded to Russia on almost all Russia’s requests. I do not think that they will responded to this one either.

I hope that I am wrong but the longer they ignore, the wilder the stories get…..

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