Russia: Moscow Metro Being Upgraded!

Moscow Russia:

Big news concerning the expansion of the Moscow Metro was announced recently:

Over the next five years, more than 15 kilometers of new metro lines will be added to the city’s subway system. As part of the expansion, districts on the outskirts of Moscow will be connected to the center by an underground system.

Work will begin on two new metro lines, which will be completed by 2015. These lines will be Moscow’s first to be operated not by drivers, but by operators at a dispatching center, a engineering system that has been in operation throughout Europe for many years.

The Moscow Metro currently carries 15-40 percent more passengers than its capacity, depending on the line, and the metro’s management considers it necessary to build an additional 130 km of underground railway to maintain the system’s safety and efficiency.

Also at the same time: Moscow administration plans to turn Moscow’s Little Ring Railway, which circles through the Moscow suburbs, into a fast line with 35 stations. With an increasing number of vehicles on the city’s streets – the number of cars in the capital is predicted to increase by 50 percent in the next seven to eight years – the improvement of transportation that does not depend on long lines at traffic lights is becoming a critical necessity.

Kyle & Svet