Russia: Total Eclipse Of The Sun!


Looks like a really cool event is coming up this August 1st, 2008!
A rare astronomical phenomenon will occur in Russia on the August 1. The total eclipse of the Sun is already nicknamed “Russian” because it will cross Russia’s Western Siberia from the north to the south.

The maximum eclipse will be at 10:21:08 UT, when the maximum time of the total phase will last around 2:27 minutes.

Weather conditions in Siberia at this time of the year are favourable for seeing an eclipse. And, what is most important, the eclipse occurs in the cities, considered to be the main transportation hubs of Siberia: Novosibirsk and Barnaul, making the viewing this event absolutely accessible.

Be aware that the next total solar eclipses will occur in Northern America in 2017, in Europe in 2026, and in Russia in 2030, so don’t miss this opportunity!

RT will provide you with the unique possibility to see the maximum phase of the total eclipse LIVE on our channel on August 1 at 13:20 Moscow time. Please stay informed on our channel and website.

A total solar eclipse requires the umbra of the Moon’s shadow to touch the surface of the Earth. Because of the relative sizes of the Moon and Sun and their relative distances from Earth, the path of totality is always very narrow (up to 270 kilometers across).

If you are in the path of totality the eclipse begins with a partial phase in which the Moon gradually covers more and more of the Sun. This typically lasts for about an hour until the Moon completely covers the Sun and the total eclipse begins.

It will take about an hour for the Moon shadow to cross Russia. Then it will touch the territory of Kazakhstan and Mongolia and disappear in China on the sunset just 20 minutes after it leaves Russian territory.

A full solar eclipse makes it possible to observe all the major planets of our Solar System by the naked eye.
Time to travel to Siberia….

This is great!

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PS Watch videos from Novosibirsk about Total Solar Eclipse!

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