Russia: New Year – Food Traditions?

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & thinking about food traditions for the New Year! You see I just realized that The New Year is right around the corner. It is the 27th of December today…

In America; There is a Southern saying that dictates eating habits in the Southern United States’ at New Year’s:

“Eat poor on New Year’s, eat fat the rest of the year.”

A traditional Southern New Year’s meal includes ham, cornbread, black-eyed peas and collard greens. Both black-eyed peas and collard greens are considered especially lucky additions to the dinner table. Black-eyed peas are thought to bring wealth because they look like little coins, in addition to the fact that they swell when cooked — a sure sign of prosperity. Collard greens are considered lucky because they are green, like greenbacks — money!

This is the food we ate at New Years when I was growing up and I passed this on to my kids!

I am not sure about all Russian traditions but I hear information that helps…

“Presently we will go to the kitchen on 31 Dec. The table should be packed with dishes. No space for any more. This is an indication that we have faith in – How New Year is praised, all the year will be along these lines. So individuals attempt to put all conceivable and outlandish on the table. We cook generally speaking around 8-10 distinct servings of mixed greens, diverse sandwiches, many kinds of jelly. The fundamental dish is potatoes and meat (it very well may be youthful pig, or chicken, or turkey, or goose). The thought is…”

“Eat great and the entire year will be great! Eat helpless then the entire year will be poor!”

What do you have for New Years food traditions?

Maybe it is time to start thinking about that meal?


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