Russia: Putin Brought Pay and The Wrath!

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Prime Minister Putin On Thursday arrived in Pikalevo, a town in northern Russia, to personally monitor a situation that local officials let get out of hand.

Putin said Thursday that should the owners of the three enterprises fail to agree between themselves, production will be restarted without them. “If the owners cannot agree between themselves, the integrated complex will still be restored… If you can’t agree between yourselves, it will be done without you!” (Time to say: “Yes Sir!”)

Looks like Putin laid the law down to the the heads of the plants, which are the major employers for Pikalyovo’s 22,000 residents in a meeting and it was not a pleasant meeting according to press in Russia!

Putin got the people their pay and will get the plants reopened. It was a corrupt group of business men that abused their power in the community. People in the world can say what they want. but Medvedev and Putin are serious about corruption in Russia. They want a strong good Russia!

Looks like heads are going to roll on this issue…

Windows to Russia!
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Update: Gettem Putin!

Oleg Deripaska, whose fortune was evaluated at $28 billion last year, was being very nervous during the meeting with Putin in Pikalyovo. He forgot to sign the contract about the delivery of supplies for idle enterprises to resume operations.

“Has Oleg Vladimirovich (Deripaska) signed? I do not see his signature. Come here and sign it,” Putin said, throwing a pen onto the table.

Deripaska signed the document, stood up and left holding the pen in his hand.

“Give the pen back!” Putin told him.

“You have made thousands of people hostage to your ambitions, your lack of professionalism – or maybe simply your trivial greed,” Putin told Deripaska and two other businessmen who own cement and alumina factories in Pikalyovo.

“Where is the social responsibility of business? Where is it? We keep talking about it non-stop. No one in the administration will ever convince me of the fact that the regional administration has done all they could to help the people. When I told you that I was going to come here, what did you tell me? You said that I shouldn’t, you said that you would show me a different enterprise. Why was everyone running about like cockroaches here before my arrival?” the prime minister said giving a heavy look to Leningrad region Governor Valery Serdyukov.

The problem has been solved. The enterprises in the town will resume their activities, the people will have their jobs and wages back. (Link)